Over and above our range of security hardware products, Scanteq Systems (Pty) Ltd also provide its clients with numerous after sales solutions. Please contact us if you wish to enquire about any of these services, we will gladly assist you with your current and upcoming project requirements.
Choosing the right equipment for the application isn’t always as easy as it seems, that is why you can rely on expert advice prior to purchasing. Furthermore, we also offer site visits to ensure site readiness prior to the installation.
Site Evaluation
Is your equipment old or out of service? We can assist. Let us do a site assessment on your equipment. We’ll provide you with a detailed report about the current condition of your equipment as well as our recommendation to bring it to full working order and in line with the health and safety regulations.
X-ray equipment requires regular safety checks. Regardless of the size of your organisation, it is imperative that your security machines are maintained to a safe and functional standard. Our maintenance services include:
   • Mandatory Radiation Leak Testing
   • Machine Performance Verification Testing
Our standard warranty is our guarantee that the systems we supply is free of hardware and software defects. Our warranty includes:
   • 1 Year Factory Warranty (Standard on most equipment and subjected to regular maintenance checks)
   • Extended Warranty options available
Service Level Agreements
In addition to our standard warranty, you can choose the duration of the service level agreement that supports your security operations the best at the most competitive price.
   • 1 Year Service Level Agreement (Standard)
   • 2 ~ 5 Years Agreements available
Operator Training
When you purchase a security screening system, we offer on-site basic training to familiarize the operator with all the functions of the new system. Follow-up or refresher courses options available upon request.