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The under vehicle monitoring system supports fast and easy detection of dangerous objects like weapons, explosives, drugs or contraband’s and in contrast to conventional control methods, like handheld mirrors or inspection wells, the system facilitates reliable safety inspections without slowing down the flow of traffic at the access point.

uniSCAN UVMS COLOR Under Vehicle Monitoring System automatically scans the underbody of all vehicles entering the checkpoint. The uniSCAN UVMS COLOR scans the entire vehicle underside in moving traffic (up to 40km/h) visualizes the underside in real-time and then displays it on the operator’s screen as an extreme HD resolution image. The system is capable of managing several checkpoints from a central control room via a closed network system with a central server. Furthermore, it enhances checkpoint security to a new level with the integrated license plate recognition.


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Please note that these products may require civil excavation work prior and during the installation process.

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