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Walk-Through Metal Detectors are normally associated with security searches and are capable to detect metallic objects on people passing through the detector. They are available with different numbers of detection zones, the greater number of detection’s zones the more accurate the location of metallic object on the person can be determined, saving operator time.

The uniSCAN FMD PLUS Ferro-Magnetic Metal Detector is a portable, full body security scanner. It detects ferrous metal objects, such as knives, blades, cell phones or guns. Furthermore, it represents a very flexible security solution, as it can be wall mounted for permanent use or stand-alone for temporary checks. It’s unique design blends in any environment, such as prisons, governmental buildings, luxury hotels, night clubs or hospitals. The uniSCAN FMD PLUS employs a unique military-developed technology to monitor magnetic fields. Therefore, uniSCAN FMD PLUS detects moving ferromagnetic objects as they distort magnetic field lines and is not affected by jewellery or gold, also aluminum will not trigger an alarm. This is especially useful if contrabands are smuggled inside cans.


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