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The vehicle & cargo screening series offers a wide range of solutions to the problem of scanning vehicles and cargo effectively. The drive-through portal improves the traffic throughput significantly and allows the choice of scanning the cabin or not.

The uniSCAN DTP 200LV Drive Through Portal has been developed specifically for vehicle screenings at border checkpoints, governmental buildings, airports etc. Within seconds contraband, trafficked persons and hazardous materials will be detected and identified. The Dual-Energy Technology with automatic material discrimination supports the differentiation between organic and inorganic materials. The uniSCAN DTP 200LV Drive Through Portal provides high-resolution x-ray pictures from the interior of screened vehicles. The very low radiation dose guarantees 100% safety for all vehicle occupants.


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Please note that these products may require an approved site license from the Department of Health (Radiation Control) or other institutions, depending on your countries regulations, prior to installation and commissioning.

Please note that these products may require civil excavation work prior and during the installation process.

All our products are compliant with national and international safety standards and regulations.