Protecting your staff and premises is an absolute must in today’s business environment. We continuously endeavors to source and supply only high quality, cutting edge technology to meet the stringent requirements of our clients. Our rage of products are ideally suitable for public and private organisations of all sizes.
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Cabinet X-Ray Scanners can protect you against power or bomb threats as well as suspect devices. Cabinet X-Ray Scanners provide a compact, cost effective threat detection solution without the space requirements and operating costs of a conveyor based X-Ray system.

The mid-size TODD TR15 +Smart Scan x-ray cabinet scanner is the most popular model in the Cabinet X-Ray Scanner range. With its generous 1.44mᶟ chamber it meets the demands of almost all busy mail room situations while taking up minimal operating space. Due to the compact size of the TODD TR15 +Smart Scan, it can be used as a security scanner in a variety of areas within a building, including mailrooms and receptions. The TR15 +Smart Scan has a 22” touchscreen monitor with an image resolution of 1910 x 1080 pixels to make identifying potential threats clearer and easier than ever before. The TODD TR15 +Smart Scan model also comes ready with Wi-Fi capability allowing you to connect your machine with others in a local area network allowing email and printing functionality. The TODD TR15 +Smart Scan comes equipped with the EPD™ (Enhanced Powder Detection) feature, the scanner has a heightened ability to threats conveyed via powder-based elements.

All our products are compliant with national and international safety standards and regulations
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