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Infrared Thermometers are temperature sensing devices that use electromagnetic radiation to make non-contact surface temperature readings. This allows for fast, touchless measurements from a safe distance.

The AiQURA AD801 Infrared Thermometer can be used to measure body temperature by aiming the device at the forehead from 3cm ~ 5cm away for less than 1 second. This non-contact infrared laser thermometer measurement means that the device is not touching the skin, preventing cross-infection. It’s simple to use; press the respective buttons to toggle between measurement mode, unit of measurement, and memory check. With a non-slip handle that is comfortable to grip, the AiQURA AD801 Infrared Thermometer can be used repeatedly without worrying about contact with others. The AiQURA AD801 Infrared Thermometer has a standard deviation rate of 0.2°C ~ 0.3°C when measuring body temperature and 1°C when measuring objects. It has a warning beep to indicate a high temperature and with the intelligent three colour back-light prompt, it’s easy to identify the presence of a fever.


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