Protecting your staff and premises is an absolute must in today’s business environment. We continuously endeavors to source and supply only high quality, cutting edge technology to meet the stringent requirements of our clients. Our rage of products are ideally suitable for public and private organisations of all sizes.
   Products    X-Ray Screening

The X-Ray Screening section includes products that covers all aspects of x-ray screening solutions. The Conveyor X-Ray Scanner series also referred to as Baggage Scanners are used for the scan of small hand carried luggage to big cargo items. The Cabinet X-Ray Scanner series are mainly used in mail-rooms to scan postal items and parcels. The 3D X-Ray Scanner series of units offer a full range of tunnel sizes and are specifically designed to provide clearer and more revealing 3D Perspective™ images across the range. The Vehicle & Cargo Scanner series offers a wide range of solutions to the problem of scanning vehicles and cargo effectively. The Whole Body Scanner series can be applied for personal inspection with the possibility to detect items, concealed inside the body.

Please note that these products may require an approved site license from the Department of Health (Radiation Control) or other institutions, depending on your countries regulations, prior to installation and commissioning.

All our products are compliant with national and international safety standards and regulations.